That's Mrs. Sybil Brand, head of NAA, who dreamed up party. Tall dark and handsome sailor is Kice Miller, Gunner's Mate, of Illinois. Blue-eyed pal hails from Ohio; he's Steve Balogh, Electrician's Mate.

"Dear NAA," he wrote --
"I hear you influence people and help gobs. I'm a gob who needs help. My worries are strictly social.   Also slightly unreasonable.   But after seventeen months in the South Pacific, it'll take more than a brush-off to kill me.
"So I'll come straight out with it. You couldn't fix me up a date with a movie actress, could you? I'm no hog. I don't ask for Betty Grable. If she's tied up with the James guy, let's don't horn in. Matter of fact, there was a girl in "Lifeboat" who's just my style. Not the ritzy dame, but the one who played the nurse. Maybe that's why. Seeing what they did for us, we guys go for nurses in a big way. Then there's another kid I'd like to meet, name of Cathy Downs. Used to be a model, but I hear she's in Hollywood now."

What's a barbecue without hot dogs? Mary Anderson in print suit, and Cathy Downs heckle Chef Dana for gobs...of mustard!


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