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The Barkleys of Broadway  1949 - Fred and Ginger are reunited one last time. They're a husband and wife dancing team whose marriage is threatened by her desire to branch out into serious acting roles. more
Three Little Words  1950 - Fred and Red Skelton play Tin Pan Alley songwriters Kalmar and Ruby in this lighthearted story peppered with great songs.
Let's Dance  1950 - Following WWII, Fred's reunited with his former USO partner (Betty Hutton), who's now a widow trying to keep her young child out of the clutches of his forbidding paternal grandmother. Fred's "Piano Dance" is fantastic, but as screen partners he and the manic Ms. Hutton just don't click.
Royal Wedding   1951 - Fred and Jane Powell play brother and sister Broadway stars who find romance in London at the time of the royal nuptials. Features Fred's famous dancing-up-the-walls-and-ceiling number.
The Belle of New York  1952 - This one takes place at the turn of the (last) century - Fred's a rich playboy who reforms his ways when he falls for Salvation Army worker Vera Ellen.
The Bandwagon  1953 - Another treat from director Vincente Minnelli. Fred's a fading movie star who agrees to do a Broadway musical - and gets a lot more than he bargained for in the show's flamboyant producer (Jack Buchanan) and long-legged costar Cyd Charisse. Don't miss this one.
Daddy Long Legs  1955 - Loosely based on the Jean Webster novel, this one tells the enchanting story of millionaire Fred who, on a whim, sponsors a teenage French girl (Leslie Caron) without her knowing who her benefactor is - at least, not right away. Best song - "Something's Gotta Give."
Funny Face  1957 - Slick one about fashion photographer Fred discovering his perfect model in free-spirited Audrey Hepburn. Great showcase of Gershwin and Givenchy.
Silk Stockings  1957 - Musical remake of the 1939 Garbo movie "Ninotchka" doesn't always work, but features some great Cole Porter tunes. Cyd Charisse is again Fred's dancing partner.
On the Beach  1959 - Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Anthony Perkins are Fred's co-stars in this (for its time) daring look at what remains of life after a world-wide nuclear holocaust. Fred gives a strong performance as a racecar driver who chooses his own way out. Taken from the Nevil Shute book and superbly directed by Stanley Kramer.
The Pleasure of His Company 1961 - Fred's a lighthearted scoundrel who shakes up the lives of his ex-wife (Lili Palmer) and adoring daughter (Debbie Reynolds) when he arrives unexpectedly for Debbie's wedding.
The Notorious Landlady  1962 - Black comedy with diplomat Jack Lemmon renting a room from sultry Kim Novak - who happens to be a suspect in her husband's murder. Fred is Jack's caustic and breezy boss who takes a dim view of his subordinate's choice of landladies, until he too is smitten with her.
Finian's Rainbow   1968 - Fred's an Irishman named Finian emigrated to the American South with daughter Petula Clark - but on their trail is a very large leprachaun named Og (Tommy Steele). It seems that Finian managed to lift a pot of gold before leaving the Old Country, and Og wants it back.
The Midas Run  1969 - Fred plays a debonair British secret serviceman who masterminds a daring gold heist. Richard Crenna co-stars, and Fred Astaire, Jr. has a small part as well.
The Towering Inferno  1974 - Epic disaster film with fire breaking out in a vast skyscraper during a big party. All-star cast includes Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Jennifer Jones, and even OJ Simpson. Fred was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role as one of the increasingly desperate guests.
That's Entertainment  1974 - MGM's blockbuster look at its musical past - masterful compilation of the best of the best.
That's Entertainment II  1976 - TE Part One was such a surprise success, why not do it again? This one includes golden moments from MGM dramas and comedies as well as their trademark musicals. As narrators/presenters the 77-year-old Astaire and 64-year-old Gene Kelly do some nimble footwork.
The Amazing Dobermans  1976 - Fred plays an ex-con who offers his services, and those of his pack of Dobermans, to help foil a racketeer's robbery plans.
The Purple Taxi  1977 - Fred's an eccentric, purple-taxi-driving doctor involved with expatriates in Ireland.
Ghost Story  1981 - Fred and costars Melvyn Douglas and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. share a deadly 50-year-old secret that threatens to revive with the death of one the old gentleman's sons.

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