Shall We Dance has the big plus of many hit Gershwin songs. Ballet-dancer Fred wants to tap dance with musical-comedy star Ginger instead of continuing with his "high-brow" career.

It soon becomes the formula Fred-pursues-Ginger, Ginger-can't-stand-Fred, Fred-dances-with-and-wins-Ginger that worked so well before.  The finale number even has Fred dancing with lots and lots of "Gingers", under the pretext that he will not dance with anyone but her.

Many of the songs became Gershwin standards, most notably "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" ('You say potayto and I say potahto') and the bittersweet "They Can't Take That Away From Me."

hear Fred sing "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off                                     continue with Carefree

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