For those who are either "too young or too old" to know who he was (or perhaps from the planet Mars?) a few words about that man Bogart...

Born at the turn of the century and living only 57 years, Bogie came to Hollywood from the NY stage in the mid-30's.  Typecast for years as a cheap hood usually murdered by Cagney or Edward G. Robinson, he perservered, and his tenacity paid off - with 1941's "The Maltese Falcon" he could no longer be ignored, and "Casablanca" the following year cemented his status as a romantic leading man. (One wonders how it took the Bros. Warner so long to get a clue. Doesn't one.)

Bogie's films with Bacall gave movie goers a delicious pairing of two strong individuals who had each met his/her match - in every sense of the word.

Bogart's image remains an indelible one, tough and worldweary yet with an innate honesty and goodness that continues to shine today...perhaps because we need it so much. 

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