Big Sleep synopsis


When Mars arrives, Marlowe holds him at gunpoint, asking what he has on Vivian.

Eddie tells him that Carmen killed Sean Regan when Regan refused to have anything to do with her; Eddie found out about it and threatened to go to the police unless Vivian did whatever he asked.

"And what're you gonna do about it," he sneers at Marlowe.

Marlowe knows that Eddie arrived unarmed; the henchmen waiting outside would know that any shots fired could not be from their boss.

"If there's any shooting in here, what's going to happen to the first one out the door?" Marlowe demands.

To prove his point he begins firing, "That's one, Eddie! That's two!"

Panicked, Mars bolts outside - Marlowe and Vivian watch as the front door is riddled with machine gun bullets. Mars falls back inside, killed by his own men.


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