Big Sleep synopsis

poor Agnes


Marlowe's first step is to investigate Geiger's bookshop. The manager, Agnes, denies any knowledge of her boss' whereabouts, and doesn't seem to know much about rare books either.


stay awhile

Across the street in another shop, Marlowe questions a flirtatious clerk who gives him a detailed description of Geiger as well as a few drinks. All in a day's work.

Marlowe spots the elusive Geiger leaving his bookshop and follows him to his home. Watching from his car, Marlowe doesn't have long to wait: soon there are gunshots and a woman's scream - Marlowe dashes inside as someone else rushes away and escapes in a car.

higher than a kyte


Inside the house, Marlowe finds Carmen Sternwood, alone and very drugged. There is a hidden camera close by, but no sign of any incriminating photos. And in another room is Geiger, dead on the floor. Marlowe searches the rest of the house, then takes Carmen home.


To Have and Have Not ~ Dark Passage ~ Key Largo

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