Big Sleep synopsis

Vivian, concerned for her sister, tries again to question Marlowe. She cannot hide her alarm when Marlowe mentions the name 'Sean Regan' - a former associate of the General's who has disappeared. "How much did Carmen tell you?" Vivian asks. "Not half as much as you just did," Marlowe answers.
you go too far harsh words

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Late that night Marlowe receives a visit from Assistant District Attorney Bernie Ohls, who tells him that the Sternwood's Packard has been found washing around in the waters off the pier - with the body of their chauffeur inside.

a little fun with the police dept


The following morning Vivian comes to Marlowe's office to tell him that she received a demand for 5,000 dollars for negatives and prints of Carmen; Vivian plans to borrow the money from the gambler Eddie Mars. "There's a bond between Eddie Mars and the Sternwoods," she tells Marlowe. "You see, Sean Regan ran off with Eddie's wife." Marlowe dismisses this with "It might make me easier to find him - that is if I were looking for him."





To Have and Have Not ~ Dark Passage ~ Key Largo

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