Big Sleep synopsis

Marlowe returns to Geiger's house and there finds Carmen. He asks her how much she remembers about the night before and she jumps at the chance to tell him that a man named Joe Brody killed Geiger.

Marlowe is doubtful about this revelation, but before he can pursue it, they have a visitor. Enter Eddie Mars, gambler and 'friend of the family'.

Mars tries unsuccessfully to question Marlowe about Geiger's murder. "Maybe they had meat for dinner and like to do their butchering in the parlor," is Marlowe's helpful suggestion about the blood on the floor.

with Joe BrodyMarlowe follows Vivian next; she leads him to Joe Brody's apartment.

Brody is trying to muscle in on the blackmail racket involving the photos of Carmen.

Marlowe walks right in and disarms the nervous Brody, but before he can make any sense of Brody's game, there is a knock at the apartment door.

When Brody opens it, he is shot point blank. The assailant takes off down the stairs with Marlowe in hot pursuit.

Upon catching up with the fugitive, Marlowe turns him over to the police. They find that the gun used to kill Brody was also the one that shot the Sternwood's chauffeur.


To Have and Have Not ~ Dark Passage ~ Key Largo

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