Big Sleep synopsis

Assistant DA Bernie Ohls calls Marlowe into his office to tell him to lay off the Sternwood case.

When pressed, Ohls reveals that the request did not come from the General but from Vivian. "There's no law a man can't work on a case without a client," Marlowe says hopefully.

He tells Ohls the case now goes much deeper than blackmail and that he is determined to find out how Eddie Mars and Sean Regan figure in the picture.

On his way back home, Marlowe is roundly roughed up by two thugs. "This is just our way of saying 'lay off'," one of them snarls as they leave Marlowe in an alley.

Marlowe is picked up off the cement by a man named Harry Jones. Jones has been tailing Marlowe as a favor to his girlfriend Agnes (of Geiger's bookshop fame.) "She's a nice girl," Jones says. "We're talking about getting married." "She's too big for ya," Marlowe quips.

Jones tells Marlowe that Agnes knows where Eddie Mars' wife is; Marlowe agrees to meet Jones later that day to hand over $200 for the information.

But when Marlowe reaches the meeting place he finds the frightened Jones being interrogated by Eddie Mars' hired gun, a sinister hood named Canino.

Marlowe watches helplessly from his hiding place as Canino poisons Jones' glass of water and forces him to drink it. Canino darts out the back way; Jones is dead when Marlowe reaches his side.

Agnes phones, looking for Jones. Marlowe tells her "Your little man died to keep you out of trouble". Agnes is more interested in getting her 200 dollars - Marlowe meets up with her and she discloses that Mrs. Eddie Mars is hiding out at a house near Rio Lito.


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