Big Sleep synopsis

When Marlowe arrives at the hideout he runs up against Canino; before Marlowe can do anything he is promptly knocked unconscious. When he comes to inside the house he finds the elusive Mrs. Eddie Mars sitting next to him. When asked, she denies any knowledge of Sean Regan's whereabouts - not that Marlowe is surprised.

Neither is he surprised when Vivian enters the room. "Hello, Angel" he greets her. "I thought I'd find you here." "You don't seem to be running in front today," Vivian replies.

Marlowe needles Mrs. Mars about her husband and gets a glass of water in his face for his trouble. Watching Mrs. Mars run out of the room, he comments, "She's OK, I like her." "You like too many people," Vivian admonishes.

With a kiss, Vivian tacitly agrees to help Marlowe all she can. Marlowe escapes outside just as Canino approaches the house.


To Have and Have Not ~ Dark Passage ~ Key Largo

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