Irene and patientDuring Parry's convalescence, Irene has two alarming visitors - an admirer, Bob (Bruce Bennett), followed by his meddling ex-wfe Madge (Agnes Moorehead). Irene doesn't have much trouble getting Bob to leave, but Madge is another story. To make matters worse, it turns out that Parry knows Madge from the days before his conviction - knows that she is suspiscious, vituperative, and constantly interfering in others' lives.

We know we haven't seen the last of Madge.

The day comes for the unveiling - Parry's bandages come off and he is ready to embark on his search for the real killer of his wife.

Although aware of the growing mutual attraction he and Irene have for each other, Parry takes his leave, not wanting to involve her any more than he already has.

Irene watches Parry's departure


To Have and Have Not ~ Big Sleep ~ Key Largo

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