hands up!

But Parry's first visitor in his hotel room is none other than Baker - the petty crook who picked him up on the highway. Baker's been doing a little research and is out for revenge, with some blackmail thrown in. If Irene will give Baker all her money, Baker will disappear and never bother them again. Yeah, right. Parry manages to drive Baker to a secluded spot and get information out of him, before a scuffle for the gun sends Baker conveniently over a cliff.

Armed with the new information - it seems that the insidious Madge Rapf has been following Parry - Vincent sets out to confront his nemesis.

with MadgeIn her apartment Parry gets Madge to spill what he wants to hear - but no, she would never confess to the police and basically, Parry is and always will be her victim. She finds all of this very amusing, but when the enraged Parry makes a lunge for her, she plunges to her death through a window.

Sad but true. Parry now has at least 2 or 3 more murders he will be blamed for, with no one to prove otherwise. Facing the inevitable, he makes a phone call to the waiting Irene - and she meets him in South America "at a little cafe right on the bay" - the music swells, as do the waves on the beach. The End.

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