Dark Passage Synopsis

publicity shot of the duoReleased in 1947, "Dark Passage" tells the story of convicted wife-murderer Vincent Parry (Bogart), desperately trying to prove his innocence.

The first 30 minutes of the film are shot with a subjective camera - i.e., we see events and people through Parry's eyes. He escapes from San Quentin and is picked up on the road by a small-time thug named Baker. Baker gets a little too curious about his passenger ("What is this, a quiz program?"), and gets knocked out and has his clothes stolen for his trouble.

Parry has a bit more luck with the next person who gives him a ride - it's Irene Jansen (Bacall), who is familiar with Parry's case and wants to help him. She takes him to her apartment, where he gets a new suit of clothes, and an offer of sanctuary as he tries to clear himself. Parry refuses, not wanting to involve Irene in his dangerous problems.

Enter an accomodating cab-driver named Sam, who takes Parry to a shady friend of his - a plastic surgeon no less. For a few hundred bucks, Parry gets a whole new face - even though the doctor will have his little fun, telling Parry that he could make him look like a bulldog, or a monkey. Not very confidence-inspiring, but poor Parry has no choice.

Vincent plans to recuperate at an old friend's house, but upon arriving at the apartment, finds his friend has been murdered. Not sticking around to figure out what's going on, Parry flees (or rather, stumbles) across San Francisco and collapses on Irene Jansen's doorstep.


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