Key Largo Synopsis

Ex-army major Frank McCloud arrives on Key Largo to pay his respects to the father and widow of a fallen wartime comrade - James and Nora Temple. The Temples run a hotel on the island and Frank finds that he is not the only guest, even though it is Florida's off-season for tourists. The hotel has been taken over by a "Mr. Brown", his alcoholic girlfriend Gaye Dawn, and four henchmen.
Frank is already forming his suspicions about this rather unsavory group, when a phone call from the local Sheriff inquiring about his missing deputy prompts the henchmen to close in and pull their guns on the Temples.

But that's not all - when "Mr. Brown" joins the group, McCloud recognizes him as the notorious Johnny Rocco, a racketeer who had been exiled from the country years before. Although McCloud views Rocco with distaste, he remains apathetic toward him, having been so disillusioned by his wartime experiences that he is reluctant to fight again for any reason.


To Have and Have Not ~ Big Sleep ~ Dark Passage

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