Key Largo Synopsis

Frank and Nora discuss the hotel's unwelcome guests.

Rocco taunts and belittles his girlfriend Gaye when she is desperate for a drink - forcing her to perform one of her old songs from her days as a nightclub chanteuse. Her pathetic rendition embarrasses everyone, and Rocco completes her humilitation by refusing her the drink. "You promised!" she cries in mortification. "But you were rotten," Rocco replies. McCloud earns Nora's respect by calmly providing the sobbing Gaye with her drink, and receives a slap in the face from Rocco.

Rocco's dire deeds continue - his henchmen had come upon the sheriff's deputy and pistol-whipped him into semi-consciousness "because he's a cop." The deputy manages to grab a gun and tries to fire at his captors, only to find the gun was unloaded. Rocco shoots him in cold blood and has his goons dump the body in the swamp.

A hurricane strikes the island and the hotel inhabitants become prisoners - Rocco in particular is terrified and refuses admittance to a group of Indians to whom the Temples customarily provided shelter. He also threatens the captain of his boat with death when the seaman proposes moving the craft to deeper waters out of the storm's path.


To Have and Have Not ~ Big Sleep ~ Dark Passage

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