To Have and Have Not synopsis

Harry Morgan, skipper of a fishing boat, hires out to wealthy tourists on the island of Martinique. An independent loner, he stubbornly refuses to become embroiled in any political machinations going on between the Free French and the Nazi-supported Vichy government on the island.

A young American woman, Marie, arrives at Morgan's hotel - she is en route to the U.S. but has run out of money and cannot continue her journey. She and Morgan strike up a caustic flirtation, dubbing each other "Slim" and "Steve."

When Morgan tries to collect his fee from his latest customer, Johnson, the hotel bar is raided by the police - Johnson is killed by a stray bullet and the money is impounded by the Vichy police. In order to get funds for himself, and to buy a plane ticket for Slim, Morgan agrees to take on the dangerous job of smuggling in a leader for the Free French underground, Paul de Brusac.


Big Sleep ~ Dark Passage ~ Key Largo

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