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In History is Made at Night (1937) Boyer plays a debonair Paris restaurant maitre d' who comes to Jean Arthur's assistance. He rescues her from a particularly nasty little scene set up by her psychotically possessive husband (Colin Clive, of "Frankenstein" fame -- the doctor, not the monster). 

Clive's a monster in this one though, and Jean would like nothing better than to get far, far away from him. Instead, he forces her to accompany him to New York via a cruise ship, using her new-found love for Boyer as a form of blackmail. The suave (and lonesome) Boyer refuses to lose her, and follows her to New York.


"History" is a blend of sophisticated comedy and romantic melodrama. As Boyer's friend, Leo Carillo contributes amusing commentary: "Look at those skywipers!" (while gazing at the New York skyline); or, in disdain of a particular menu item: "If this is bouillabaisse, I'll eat it!"

Boyer's skills at both comedy and drama are neatly showcased, and Jean Arthur is equally adept at balancing the two ends of the spectrum. The film is unabashedly romantic, offering escapism and true love as the answers to poverty, abusive husbands and even major shipwrecks! Vive l'amour!




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