Boyer and Irene Dunne


Boyer cited 1939's Love Affair as his favorite amongst his films, and there was no doubt that Irene Dunne was his favorite leading lady.

"Love Affair" is the story of a playboy and a singer who have a shipboard romance while each is engaged to marry another. Their realization that this is not just another light-weight affair and their subsequent decision to part for six months (as a test) brings about consequences neither could have foreseen.

The part of the philandering artist/playboy was written especially for Boyer, and director Leo McCarey allowed the actor to fashion the role according to his own instincts -- resulting in a portrayal of rare roguish charm. 

Boyer and Dunne play off each other exquisitely in the light bantering scenes and in those with more pathos.

"Love Affair" was remade twice, once as the Cary Grant - Deborah Kerr vehicle "An Affair to Remember" in 1957, and in 1994 with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.  As is often the case, the original is the best.



Love Affair poster


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