Charles Boyer  Jennifer Jones
Boyer looks on as Cluny Brown (Jennifer Jones) feels "chirrupy."


Cluny Brown is a wonderful comedy from master director Ernst Lubitsch. It stars Boyer as Professor Adam Belinski, a refugee in pre-WWII England. The story follows the offbeat relationship between Belinski and the uninhibited Cluny Brown, a young woman with a passion for plumbing.

Boyer, Jones, Richard Haydn

This uncontrollable desire to fix pipes gets Cluny into one scrape after another, as Belinski watches with growing delight. The top-notch supporting cast includes Peter Lawford as a young man determined to help Belinski escape Nazis he thinks are hot on the professor's trail, Reginald Owen as Lawford's veddy British uppah-class father, Helen Walker as the 'Honorable Betty Cream', and an adenoidal Richard Haydn as Mr. Wilson, the stuffy chemist Cluny hopes to marry. And particularly amusing is Una O'Connor as Mr. Wilson's mother, who communicates only through varying cadences of throat-clearing - the best being an unusually strong one to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. The snappy script is full of gems and Boyer's deft comedic touch has never been put to better use.



About to "put the pipes in their place"

Admiring the Professor's bestseller display


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