Flesh and Fantasy (1943) is an unusual compilation of vignettes, directed by Julien Duvivier and co-produced by Boyer. The three episodes star Robert Cummings and Betty Field, Edward G. Robinson and Thomas Mitchell, and Boyer and Barbara Stanwyck. 

Boyer plays a circus tightrope-walker named Paul Gaspar. Paul has a dream before a performance one night that unnerves him enough to make him take a cruise to rethink his career! 

On board the cruise ship, he meets none other than the woman in his dream, the one he can still hear screaming as he fell to his death. The woman, Joan Stanley (Stanwyck), has some problems of her own that cause a distinct lack of commitment on her part to any sort of long-lasting relationship.

Flesh and Fantasy, Boyer, Stanwyck Boyer and Stanwyck
Boyer and Barbara Stanwyck



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