Boyer and Irene Dunne


The title Together Again (1944) had less to do with the movie's storyline than it did with the fact that Boyer was once again paired with his favorite leading lady, Irene Dunne. It had been five years since their last teaming, and audiences were clamoring for more.

Dunne is Ann Crandall, the mayor of Brookhaven, a small Vermont town. Ann goes to New York City to commission a new statue of her deceased husband (the former mayor) after the first statue is taken out by lightning. Boyer is George Corday, the sculptor whose bohemian lifestyle and instant pursuit of her sends Ann fleeing back to Brookhaven.

Of course Corday follows her, and succeeds in disrupting everyone's lives; his romantic plans are complicated by town gossip, Ann's resistance to change, and by Ann's teenage stepdaughter (Mona Freeman) who also has eyes for the charming sculptor. Charles Coburn co-stars as Dunne's crafty father-in-law, playing cupid to ensure a happy ending.




"Together Again" is a screwball comedy a few years past that genre was in vogue, but so delightful is the chemistry between Boyer and Dunne (both 46 years old at the time) that it comes off as a very enjoyable bit of fluff. No one could play flustered and fluttery with such panicked dignity as Irene Dunne, and Boyer's amused yet persistent wooing is as smooth as honey.

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Boyer and Irene Dunne

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