Photoplay 1938

A vivid thumbnail sketch of Charles Boyer,
who made love to his teacher at the age of twelve and now helps his wife shop for clothes

He thinks a Hollywood marriage between two professionals is doomed to failure if ever the wife achieves a greater success than her husband.
His complexion is pale, his hair thinning.
He has brooding eyes.
His name is Charles Boyer.
Until three or four years ago, he disliked caviar and thought it an affectation to eat it. He has no objection to actors, per se.
He is innately suspicious and distrusts anything with which he is not thoroughly familiar.
None of his people has been in the theater.
He thinks Paris the most beautiful city in the world.   He likes to sit around the house in robe and slippers. He does not like Mexican food.
He is a graduate of the Sorbonne University, Paris.   Life has been very kind to him, and success has come easily.  He is addicted to sport clothes and thinks the world is headed for another great war.          continue

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