Soldiers returned from the mud and blood of the battlefield will tell you, if they'll talk about it at all, that in the anguishing hours before an assault, a man facing the rawest of realities will modify most of his old concepts, reconstruct his notion of vital values.
    Armies in array change not only the geographer books of men but also their doctrines of daily conduct.
    War has left an indelible imprint on Charles Boyer, the first actor to return to Hollywood from the arena where Europe's latest tragedy is being unraveled.
     Charles Boyer was in no battle. He was forced to burrow for safety in no bombed city, nor was he a passenger in peril on any sunken ship. And his service in uniform, as a private in the French army, was limited to three months far from the field of fighting.

Charles Boyer and his wife, Pat Paterson, with his mother
just after her arrival from France just a few weeks ago.


Charles Boyer discusses the
differences of love at the ages
of twenty and thirty,
and concludes that forty has
the best of all the chances

But in those three months of blackouts and blockades, and in the nerve-drawn weeks that preceded the actual outbreak of war, when Frenchmen saw all their hopes and dreams and plans of a prosperous peace shattered by the deepening shadow of a power-hungry Hitler, Charles Boyer, the acclaimed actor, the elegant intellectual, the suave sophisticate, added a new measure of mature dignity to his makeup, grasped a new meaning of the homely, human qualities of kindness and simplicity.
     Demobilized because of his age, Charles Boyer returned from his brief tour as a supporting trouper in the democratic company of Mars, a more mellow ....

from Hollywood magazine, August 1940


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