Hollywood and even Maurice   Chevalier, Boyer's closest friend,    were amazed to hear that he had    eloped toYuma with English Pat    Paterson.



 "The marriage was as sudden, as unpremeditated as the falling in love. We were going, the night of our marriage, to see  'Queen Christina' at the Chinese Theatre. When we reached the theatre, there were no seats. We stood in the lobby  (on the footprints of  Chevalier!) and thought  what we might do as an alternative. I looked at her. I said,   'Let's be  married -- now!' We flew to Yuma and   within the hour we were married.

"When the news broke no one believed it.  Chevalier discredited the report." (I knew how thoroughly Chevalier had discredited the report, for I had chanced to lunch with him a couple of days after the sudden marriage. And  Chevalier said to me, "I couldn't believe it of Charles. Why, he could have had any woman in France. Women were mad over him, but he was never intrigued. Anything can happen to anyone if this happened to Charles!")

"My mother," Charles was saying, "was alarmed. She felt that I, being I, had made a mistake. She feared for both of us. But this summer when Pat and I went to France they met and now my mother loves Pat too, and understands. She understands that this, miraculously, is right for me.  They found that they had much in common. They were congenial and happy together. Pat learned to speak very good French and all was very well."

up her contract soon after our marriage so that she would be free to go to France with me when I must go. Recently she, too, has signed with Wanger. I am glad for that, I am in favor of her working. Idleness is bad for pretty women -- they get into mischief," smiled Charles.  "And so, until we have a family, I believe that work is good for her."

The Boyers step out for a gala evening.
Pat makes pictures with the same studio
as her husband so they need not be parted.


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