Charles with the two Mesdames Boyer

Proudly, the two women who have been most important in Charles Boyer's life
attended the premiere of "The Garden of Allah" with him.
Charles with his mother and his wife, Pat Paterson.

"Well, after I was married," Charles continued, "I returned to France and made 'Mayerling.'  It was directed by Litvak, a Russian. So good and great a director is he that I have influenced Wanger to bring him over here and the American public will know more of him soon.
  "I shall work here six months and six months in Paris," Charles was saying, "for the present at least. And I am happy again.  I have found my way once more, thanks to Wanger.  I am happy in my work. I enjoyed making 'The Garden of Allah.'  And I am happy in my marriage.  I have learned what I should have surmised years
ago -- that marriage and the theatre are compatible, can be two halves of a perfect whole if the marriage and the woman are right.
  "And because my marriage is right for me, because Pat fits so perfectly into my life as an actor and enriches my life as a man, I can still say of the theatre, 'It is my life. . .'  which is as it should be. Marriage which subtracts nothing and adds immeasurable things is what marriage was intended to be.
  "We have our apartment in Paris, Pat and I.  It is, for the time, our real home. We have taken this house in Hollywood, furnished, and I am hoping that my mother, widowed again, is here to stay with us."


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