Torrid Zone

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Cagney with Ann Sheridan and Helen Vinson



In Torrid Zone (1940), all Cagney's Nick Butler wants to do is quit his job as plantation foreman in Central America and get back to the U.S., but everything and everyone conspires against him:  his manic boss (Pat O'Brien), sultry singer Ann Sheridan,  even the manager's wife (Helen Vinson), who can't keep her hands off Nick.

If that weren't enough, there's also a pesky yet genial bandit (George Tobias) who won't give up trying to steal everything that isn't nailed down.

Torrid Zone is vintage Warners' comedy -- the mind-boggling rapid-fire dialogue matches the story's pace, and combustible Cagney's special chemistry with wise-cracking Ann Sheridan has never been more titillating.

"Cagney, who can express a complete characterization with one little gesture, is just the person for the pugnacious plantation manager...Torrid Zone abounds in robust action." (Time)

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