By the time she had known him for three years, Benita Hume had become convinced that her constant companion did not appear to be interested in marriage.  She left California on a New York-bound train.
She made it as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico where she received a telegram:
"Come home and let's get married." No signature was needed.

The two were married at a ranch in San Ysidro, California in September 1938 - the new Mrs. Colman would later remark, "Imagine! I not only have that beautiful man, but that voice!"
Theirs was a happy marriage, lasting for 20 years.

World War II found Colman tirelessly involved in British War Relief, radio appearances, and cross-country bond tours.

with Greer Garson



In 1942, following a pair of rather inconsequential comedies, Colman made two of his very best films - Talk of the Town, in which he took third billing (but certainly not third place) to those reigning stars of comedy, Cary Grant and Jean Arthur; and Random Harvest, the granddaddy of all romantic tearjerkers, co-starring the luminous Greer Garson.
If America had a royal couple, they should look like Colman and Garson.


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