with daughter and wife

In 1944, at age 53, Colman became the proud father of Juliet Benita. She was to be the Colmans' only child and was of course the apple of her father's eye.


Academy Award

In 1948 Colman starred in his last major motion picture, A Double Life. Departing somewhat from his gentlemanly screen persona, Colman gave a stunning performance as an actor tormented by mental demons - and won the year's Best Actor Academy Award.







The Colmans

After the end of WWII, Colman's filmmaking pace slackened. He told reporters,"It's 22 years since I made The White Sister and that's a long time. I'm not ambitious to make too many pictures today; I am guided entirely by the character of the stories which come to me from the studio."


Throughout the 1950's Colman made many radio appearances, as guest star and also on his own show, The Halls of Ivy, in which he starred with Benita. The show was light comedy about a professor's ordeals on a college campus; it was highly successful and was on the air for three years, later moving to television for a short time.


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