Bulldog Drummond (1929)

Bulldog DrummondColman was already an established star of the silent screen, and Bulldog Drummond, his entry into sound films, proved that he had nothing to worry about.
In fact, it won him an Academy Award nomination.

The film is loosely based on stories by Cyril McNeile. Colman's Bulldog Drummond is a British ex-officer who is languishing for something to keep him busy - he finds it in the plight of Phyllis Benton (Joan Bennett) whose father is being held captive by sadistic Dr. Lakington (Lawrence Grant).

Drummond does not take itself seriously and is played for laughs and excitement. Viewed today it appears somewhat stilted by the restrictions put upon cast and crew by early sound equipment, but Colman's performance is assured and debonair, and we are treated to the debut of that melodious voice.

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