Cynara (1932)with Kay Francis

Taking its title from a poetic rationalization, "I have been faithful to thee, Cynara, in my fashion", this film takes a look at marital infidelity that was somewhat daring for its time. The story is told in flashback, perhaps one of the earliest uses of this technique in sound films.

Colman plays Jim Warlock, a set-in-his-ways barrister, happily married for seven years to Clemency (Kay Francis). Doom befalls him however, when Clemency has to leave home for a month - Jim is badgered by a 'friend' to step out a bit, and he drifts into an affair with a shopgirl (Phyllis Barry). The girl soon goes back on her promise to take the affair lightly, and when Jim tries to stop seeing her, she kills herself.

At the inquest, Jim refuses to exonerate his behavior nor will he paint the shopgirl as an immoral woman. As a result he finds himself an outcast and decides to depart to South Africa to make a new beginning. True to her name, Clemency at the last moment decides she still loves him and joins him on his journey.

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