as Hafiz

Kismet (1944)

Filmed in glorious Technicolor at MGM, Kismet was welcome fantasy/adventure fare for war-weary audiences of its time.

Colman is curiously cast as Hafiz, a magician/beggar who lives by his wits. What story there is concerns an earnest young Caliph (James Craig) who loves Hafiz's daughter (Joy Page), and all come close to being thwarted by the evil Grand Vizier (Edward Arnold).

Purely as visual aide, the stunning Marlene Dietrich is also on hand as an exotic and mysterious dancer who fancies Hafiz.

The opoluent sets and costumes take center stage to any plot contrivances - most notable is the contest for most-outrageous-headgear taken on by Colman and Dietrich.

with Bergman, Dietrich




Ingrid Bergman takes a break from her film "Gaslight" to visit Colman and Marlene Dietrich



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