as Dick Heldar


The Light That Failed (1939)

Taken from Rudyard Kipling's first novel (published in 1890), this movie is faithful to Kipling's philosophies: love of the desert, British might as British right, the bond between fellow officers is stronger than that between man and woman, etc.

Colman is Richard Kelmar, a former British officer who is struggling to find success as an artist. He finds inspiration in a fiery waif named Bessie (Ida Lupino in her first starring role) and it is his portrait of her that at last gives him fulfillment as a painter.

However, happiness is not to be his: due to a former battle wound his sight begins to fail. Faced with the realization that he will become completely blind, Kelmar chooses to return to his comrades in the Sudan and there rides heroically into battle one last time, knowing he will receive the inevitable final bullet.


with Ida Lupino


with Muriel Angelus


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