Lucky Partners (1940)

with Ginger RogersLightweight and amusing, Lucky Partners tells the story of two strangers who meet by chance and decide to go in on a sweepstakes ticket together.

David (Colman) is a painter seemingly without much ambition but enjoying his life in a Greenwich Village garret; Jean (Ginger Rogers) is a shopgirl with hopes of a more glamorous life.

They win the sweepstakes (what a surprise!) and embark on a trip that David stipulates as a condition - a 'platonic honeymoon' where he hopes to show Jean a philosophy of life she has been missing.

Jean is reluctant but does accompany David, much to the chagrin of her fiancé Freddie (an enjoyably obnoxious Jack Carson).

Freddie follows the pair to Niagara Falls, where his jealousy soon proves to be warranted as the 'honeymoon' begins to show very non-platonic signs. The ensuing mixups and chasing back-&-forth eventually wind up in a courtroom showdown, but all ends happily...and predictably.


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