Under Two Flags (1936)

Colman's Sergeant Victor of the Foreign Legion has his hands full in this lively tale: Legion 'follower' Cigarette (Claudette Colbert) and aristocratic Lady Venetia (Rosalind Russell) both vie for his affections, while the sergeant's commandent, Major Doyle (Victor McLaglen) is nastily jealous and sends Sgt.Victor on a potential suicide mission.

The noble Cigarette, even though spurned by Sgt. Victor in favor of the Lady Venetia, cannot leave him to die and performs a heroic rescue that costs her her life.

The film has generous portions of action and melodrama and was widely popular with audiences of its time; critics were a bit less enthusiastic, although most seemed to find it "colorful" and "spirited".

McLaglen, Colbert, Colman
with Victor McLaglen and Claudette Colbert


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