The guides leave the trio farther
behind every mile of the treacherous journey. Maria collapses, unable to go any further. Conway commences to carry her, and then the porters are killed in an avalanche.

The brothers struggle on until George catches a glimpse of Maria, slung across Conway's back...

"Her face! Look at her face!"


The 'young' Maria had lied to them after all - she has reverted to her actual age and perished.

George takes in the full meaning of Maria's death, as does Conway - the legend of Shangri-La is indeed true! George gives an hysterical shriek and plunges blindly off the cliff's edge.

Conway scrambles to save his brother but can only watch in despair as George disappears far down the mountainside.

Conway is now completely alone, far away from the dream in which he should never have stopped believing.






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