Random Harvest




Charles and Kitty visit the chapel where they are to be married. The organist there plays the same hymn played at Smithy's wedding to Paula. Kitty attempts to speak to Charles. He turns to look at her and it is though he is looking through her, searching for something in his past. Hurt by his cold gaze, Kitty turns away in tears.

Charles tries to apologize, but Kitty tells him that she knows she is not the one for him. "Sometimes, especially when we've been closest, I've had the curious feeling that I remind you of someone else - someone you once knew...someone you loved as you'll never love me. I am nearly the one, Charles. But nearly isn't enough for a lifetime." Saddened, Kitty breaks their engagement.

Shaken by Kitty's decision, Charles attempts to force his lost memory and journeys back to Liverpool.  Urged by Charles' family, Margaret learns of his whereabouts and joins him. She tries to give him the news that he has been asked to stand for Parliament, but Charles barely hears her.

He explains that he has come hoping to discover the reason for his being in Liverpool twelve years before.  Margaret suggests that perhaps he hadn't lived in Liverpool but had come in from the country by train.

They visit the Great Northern Hotel since it is close to the train station, and ask to see unclaimed luggage from that time period.

Charles' fresh hopes are dashed when he looks through the old battered suitcase labeled "Smith" and recognizes nothing familiar among the contents. Margaret of course knows every stitch of clothing in that bag and is hard pressed not to show her feelings.



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