Random Harvest




Charles is elected to Parliament and Margaret dines with him after his debut.
At one point Charles breaks off what he is saying to her.
Margaret says, "You're staring at me, you know."
Charles replies that her hair is bright red in the sunshine.
"And you were looking so intense," she answers lightly.
"Oh, everyone has these feelings of having lived through certain moments before," he says.
"You mean you've had the feeling that you've known me before?" Margaret asks, almost holding her breath.
"I had, for a moment," Charles replies. "As a matter of fact I felt it quite strongly the first day you came into my office."

Charles goes on to tell her he has a proposal to make, one to which he has given serious thought. He needs her help in his Parliamentary life and she has exceptional gifts. They are both 'ghostridden', prisoners of their pasts - what if they were to pool their loneliness, give each other what little they have to give?  "I'm proposing marriage, Miss Hanson."

Dazed, Margaret says she will give him her answer that evening; when Charles phones her she tells him her answer is "Yes."



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