Random Harvest





Charles is knighted - he and Lady Rainier are touted as a successful and beautiful couple. But the strain of living with
the man she loves when he does not return her feelings begins to tell on Margaret.

On their third wedding anniversary, Charles gives her a priceless emerald pendant.  Alone in her room, Margaret brings out the small string of beads Smithy had given her at the birth of their son.

When Charles enters her room, her composure cracks. "He said they were the color of my eyes," she says brokenly. Charles tries to comfort her pain, having no way of knowing that he is the cause.
"Isn't there something morbid about burying one's heart with the dead?" he asks quietly.
"That's a strange thing for you to say," she replies, bitterness creeping into her voice. "Your capacity for loving, your joy in living, is buried in a little space of time you've forgotten.


Charles replies that in a vague sort of way, he still has some hope.
"Have you, Charles?" she asks. "Do you feel there really is someone? You may have come so near her - you might have even met her. Charles," she pauses. "It might even be me."
Charles gently scoffs, dismissing the suggestion.

Margaret tells him she'd like to take a trip to get away for awhile. "I'm just a little nobody, you know. It's been harder than I thought, being the wife of Charles Rainier."  
Although troubled by her restlessness, Charles can only agree with her request.



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