Random Harvest




Charles sees Margaret off at the train station; the two are awkward, not knowing what to say
to each other. "I wish you weren't going," he blurts out. "I don't feel quite happy about it."
Margaret tells him she will be spending a few days at a country inn where she was once very happy.
Their assistant, Harrison, arrives with Margaret's letter of credit, and news of a strike at the Melbridge Cable Works that will need Charles' negotiating skills.


Charles and Harrison journey to Melbridge and settle the strike. Afterwards, they mingle with the celebrating crowds of millworkers, receiving claps on the back and grateful thanks. Charles finds he is out of cigarettes, and says without hesitation "Never mind - there's a little tobacconist just around the corner."
In the shop, the proprietess sells him the pack of cigarettes and as they step back outside, a puzzled Harrison says, "I thought you said you'd never been in Melbridge." "I haven't," Charles replies.
"That shop was off the main street," Harrison continues. "You couldn't have seen it on our way from the station, yet you went right to it."
"I did know it - but I don't know how!" Charles begins to look around him. "Melbridge....That shop...that...that woman...."
The pieces are beginning to fall into place.
They ask a cabby for directions to a place Charles describes as "on a hill, big gates - a high wall all around it."
"You wouldn't be meaning the asylum, would you sir?" the cabby asks.
Charles asks to be taken there.


At the gates of the asylum Charles begins to retrace his steps
from that night so many years ago.



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