Random Harvest





That evening Smith takes a walk through the asylum grounds. It is foggy, there is suddenly commotion - bells, whistles, shouts of "The War's over! Armistice!"   Smith finds the front gate unattended and keeps right on walking...away from his 'prison' and into the rousting crowds in the town of Melbridge. Jostled, confused and frightened, Smith takes refuge in a tobacconist shop. His stuttering attempts at speech alarm the shop's mistress who discreetly goes to phone the asylum authorities. As Smith hesitates, a woman speaks to him from the doorway....

The softspoken stranger gently urges Smith to leave before the asylum officials come for him. Alarmed, Smith leaves the shop; the woman watches him as he wanders aimlessly back into the noisy crowd, then follows him. Smith, disoriented, has stopped in a corner; the woman approaches and offers to take him to the inn where a brandy and soda may help pull him together.



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