Random Harvest





Smith learns the woman's name, Paula. She is worried about his condition and invites him to stay and watch the musical show with which she is travelling. In her dressing room Paula learns a bit of Smith's situation. Haltingly he tells her besides his speech impairment, he has lost his memory. "I don't even know who I am."  "Well, I know who you are," Paula replies."You're somebody awfully nice." When she learns he is known as "Smith", she asks if she may call him "Smithy". Enchanted, Smithy nods in agreement. Paula assures him that after her performance they will discuss what to do. "It can't be good for you up there amongst all those poor souls, you can't be happy. And if you're unhappy, how are you ever going to get better?"

But while watching Paula's show from the wings, Smithy collapses from exhaustion. Paula puts him to bed in her rooms, telling only the innkeeper Biffer (Reginald Owen) that she is hiding an asylum escapee. "He's all right, really," she says, as much to assure herself as Biffer. "He would've been discharged if he'd had a home to go to."

Paula soothes the distraught and half-delirious Smithy to sleep.



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