Random Harvest





During the next few days, Smithy begins to relax, to speak a bit more, even joke. Paula brightens his spirits even more when she tells him her boss Sam (Rhys Williams) has agreed to take Smithy on as a helper when the show leaves Melbridge. "You're sure I can be useful?" Smithy asks her. "I...can't tell you what it means, Paula, to be...someone again. To be...wanted."

However, Sam loses his nerve when he hears talk at the bar about
the 'dangerous maniac' who has escaped; he tells Paula he can't take the responsibility of bringing Smithy along. Upset, Paula tells Smithy the bad news.
Right before her eyes Smithy closes up, the shutters come down over his eyes, he cannot speak. "Speak to me Smithy," Paula implores. "You could always speak to me...."

Unable to bear seeing him like this, Paula resolves to take Smithy away herself, to a quiet place in the country where he can rest and regain his health.




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