Random Harvest




Soon, the birth of their son completes their happiness.  The proud father brings Paula a necklace as a special gift.

The village vicar brings Smithy a telegram; it is a job offer from a Liverpool newspaper. Elated at the opportunity, Smithy packs for an overnight trip to the city and leaves
his little family.

But Smithy never makes it to the newspaper office - in a rainy Liverpool street he is knocked down by a taxi and loses consciousness. He awakens in a chemist's shop, with no idea what he is doing in Liverpool. "This is all wrong," he tells the chemist. "I should be in uniform - I'm on active duty." When asked, he gives his name as Charles Rainier, Captain of the Wessex Regiment, address: the trenches at Arras. When the chemist pauses in confusion, the address is amended to "Random Hall, North Random, Surrey."

"quite a bump"
Charles leaves the shop, stunned to learn that the date is 1920 - he has no recollection of the past three years. To him, the battle at Arras might have been yesterday. He heads for his family home, Random Hall, hoping there he might be able to clear things up.



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