Random Harvest





Miss Hanson is all business, presenting Charles
with a report on a Melbridge Cable Works that
might become a valuable subsidiary. Charles informs
her he is thinking of marrying Kitty; her face immobile,
Margaret gives him her best wishes.

Charles says he hopes she won't take it into her head to follow his example - he would be lost without her.
"I have been married - you may remember I told you when I took this position," Margaret tells him.
"Oh yes, to be sure. It slipped my memory. You had a child, I believe."
"Yes, a little boy. He died."  
"Oh yes, I remember. I'm sorry."




Margaret consults her friend, Dr. Jonathan Benet - should she tell Charles the truth? Jonathan tells her that Charles must remember for himself. "Two years ago you walked into his office. If the sight of you did nothing to restore his memory, what can words do?"
Reluctantly, Margaret agrees that Charles would eventually resent her if she suddenly claimed to be his wife. "He'd accept me, pity me. But he'd resent me."

Margaret (as Paula) had failed in her attempts to locate Smithy after his disappearance. She was seriously ill after her baby's death, then her attempt to return to the stage failed. She studied stenography, and just by chance came upon Charles' picture in the newspaper. She resolved to get the job as his secretary, hoping against hope that someday he would remember her. Now, it appears she has run out of time. She takes steps to have Smithy, her husband, declared dead and their marriage annulled, clearing the way for Charles' plans with Kitty.



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