Talk of the Town

Meanwhile, a frantic Nora finally locates Leopold Dilg - returned to hiding in the attic of Sweetbrook cottage.

Dilg tells her the Professor not only lied to the police, but shaved off his beard. "Who can tell what a man in love will do," Dilg says. "In love? Who with?" Nora asks. "You," Dilg answers. "And I know just how he feels. Prettiest girl in Locester."

Lightcap arrives at the cottage, full of the news that Clyde Bracken is alive and hiding out in Massachusetts. The Professor insists that Dilg and Nora accompany him to Boston. "That's taking the law into your own hands, Professor," Dilg notes.
"Leopold, sometimes there are...extenuating circumstances," the Professor tells him. "The letter of the law is sometimes wrong."

The trio track down Clyde Bracken and bring him back to the cottage. Bracken confesses that the factory fire had been set by the owner in order to get the insurance money. Dilg tells the Professor he's solved the case beautifully. "I want to see this job through," Lightcap says. "I'd sooner do that than hand down the finest piece of literature from the bench."

The two men have each done complete turn-abouts: Dilg now insists his place is back in jail, that the Professor has done enough.

Lightcap maintains that Leopold is in danger of being lynched if he turns himself in.

"They're both nuts!" a flustered Nora says to herself.

While Dilg and Lightcap are arguing, Bracken sees his chance and makes a break for it. In the ensuing scuffle, both Leopold and the Professor are knocked out, the police arrive again and this time capture Dilg and take him to jail. Undaunted, the Professor takes off in pursuit of Clyde Bracken.



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