Talk of the Town

Just as expected, an angry mob storms the courthouse, ready to lynch Leopold Dilg. At the very last minute Lightcap arrives, armed and with a subdued Clyde Bracken in tow. Firing his gun at the ceiling, the Professor quiets the courtroom. "Here's the man the law is looking for, not Leopold Dilg! His only crime was that he had courage and spoke his mind."


Lightcap further berates the crowd for disrepecting the law: "This is your law and your finest posession. It makes you free men in a free country. Why have you come here to destroy it?"

Thanks to the Professor's stirring speech Dilg is exonerated. Lightcap leaves for his Supreme Court appointment. Nora also arrives in Washington, to see Mr. Justice Lightcap take his place on the bench. In his quarters, Lightcap asks after Leopold - Nora replies that Dilg was nowhere to be found when she left Locester.

Lightcap tells Nora that those few weeks at Sweetbrook cottage had helped him to better achieve the dream of a lifetime, that he has more happiness than any man deserves. "And I want to see my friends as happy as I. If someone were to say to Leopold, 'take my hand, my reckless friend, here is love and companionship' see what I mean, don't you, Nora?"


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