Talk of the Town

Lightcap explains his early arrival is the fault of his secretary, who was leaving to get married and got schedules mixed up. "Nothing deranges a woman's mind more than marriage." When he expresses his disapproval of the condition of the house and what he calls Nora's 'monumental inefficiency', she explodes: "Why didn't you tell your blithering secretary to get things right before she ran off and got herself married?"

Lightcap would prefer that Nora leave everything as it is and return in the morning. But since Nora has this problem up in the attic, she comes up with an excuse to remain - she and her mother had one of their arguments, she tells Lightcap - "The terrible things we say to each other - the only thing that works is absence" - and he reluctantly agrees to let her stay the night - in a borrowed pair of his pajamas, no less.

But before Nora's manic evening can end she sneaks up to the attic. She tells Leopold Dilg she doesn't know if he is guilty or not - "Leopold, as far as I know you're capable of anything, even burning a factory. You were the wildest kid that ever went to a Locester school."  "You wore pigtails then," Dilg says. "I was in love with you." Nora says she will put in a call to Dilg's lawyer and turn the whole problem over to him. But no matter what happens, Dilg must be out of her house by the crack of dawn.




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