Talk of the Town

The morning brings more chaos - Nora and Lightcap are subjected to a constant flow of visitors - reporters looking to interview the Professor, Nora's mother, concerned that Nora did not return home the previous night ("Your mother doesn't seem so very frightening this morning," Lightcap remarks. "Why should I be frightening this morning?" the confused mom asks), furniture movers bringing in couches and chairs, and then Dilg's lawyer Sam Yates (Edgar Buchanan).

Lawyer Yates recognizes the Professor as an old school mate, and immediately tries to involve him in Dilg's case, explaining that Leopold has been framed by the crooked factory owner, Holmes. Holmes also has the Judge of the case in the palm of his hand - Dilg does not stand any chance of a fair trial. Yates says Dilg is "the only honest man I've come across in this town in 20 years - naturally they want to hang him." Lightcap refuses to become involved; he is on vacation, he is here for peace and quiet and the chance to work on his book. "My business is with the principles of law.  I cannot allow myself to get mixed up in these little local affairs.  The philosophy behind the deed, that's my field."

The final straw is when police arrive, searching the neighborhood for Dilg.  Lightcap orders everyone out, including Nora (as soon as she gets out of the borrowed pajamas.)


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