Talk of the Town


Over a relatively peaceful breakfast on the patio (except for Dilg making frantic gestures of hunger from the attic window), Lightcap inquires about hiring a cook and a stenographer for the summer. Nora, knowing she needs to be on the premises because of Dilg, suggests herself for both positions. "Miss Shelley, judging from the last 12 hours, how quiet do you think it could be in this house with you in it?"




Nora is persuasive and Lightcap gives her the job, albeit reluctantly.

At long last, the Professor begins the morning's work on his manuscript, with Nora taking dictation. She is soon horrified to glimpse Dilg, driven by hunger, limping into the kitchen, unseen by Lightcap. Leopold cannot help overhearing the Professor's treatise, and suddenly appears in full view, to put in his own opinions. Nora quickly introduces him as Joseph, the gardener. "How are the zinnias getting along, Joseph?" she inquires.  "Dying,"  'Joseph' replies cheerfully.

Michael Lightcap's next visitor is a welcome one. A Senator Boyd arrives with news that the Professor is soon to receive an appointment as a Supreme Court Justice, an honor that Lightcap receives with great pleasure.

The Professor's upcoming appointment only serves to make Dilg and his lawyer Sam Yates more determined than ever to get Lightcap involved, to thaw him out: "An intelligent man, but cold," Leopold says. "No blood in his thinking. Can't let a man like that take a seat on the highest court in the land - bad for the country."


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