Talk of the Town

As part of the plan to get Lightcap interested in Dilg's case, Nora takes him to a baseball game. There they meet the presiding Judge and it quickly becomes obvious to Lightcap that the Judge has preconceived notions about Dilg's guilt. The Professor is scornful but still not moved to take any action against the prejudice.

Nora also makes sure that Lightcap is witness to an anti-Dilg demonstration by angry citizens stirred up by Holmes the factory owner. The missing foreman's girlfriend Regina Bush (Glenda Farrell) has found only a tiny athletic pin in the fire's rubble, all that is left of Clyde Bracken the foreman. "Gives a girl a queer feeling," Regina says. "One night you got a man who weighs 211 pounds, and the next day, wham - all you got left is a medal for shotputting."

Lightcap extricates himself as quickly as possible, still adamant about not getting involved. He spots a delicatessen and insists on stopping to get a favorite Hungarian soup of Dilg's - borscht, with an egg in it. The deli owner is immediately suspicious ("Only one customer ever orders it that way," he tells his assistant. "Leopold Dilg!") and he alerts the police after Lightcap leaves.

At home that evening, the Professor asks Nora to accompany him when he goes to Washington.



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